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Everything you need to know
about the stranger.


What do we provide?

The Stranger arrives with bar staff, glassware, eskies, ice and all barware associated with making your delicious cocktails and refreshments.  

Do we require power?

He does need to have a power supply. If there is no power at your event site, no need to worry - we will arrange a generator.

We can chat to your venue or you can pass the message on.

Whats the cost to have
The Handsome Stranger
at your event?

All events are very different, therefore we can not provide a set price. We will get back to you the same day with an obligation free quote, if you send through an enquiry on the contact page of our website or email us. 

Do we provide alcohol?

No. All alcohol must be purchased by you.

To make your event as stress free as possible, we have regular suppliers of alcohol. Alternatively you can source and supply all the alcohol independently if this is what you would prefer. We will provide you with a suggested amount of alcohol for your specified number of guests. 

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Is there a minimum
hire term?

The minimum time the van be hired for an event is 2 hours.

What are the van dimensions?

He is 5m long x 2.3m wide x 2.5m high (12 foot) 

How handsome are we?

Safe to say we live up to our name! We have over 6 staff members available for your event.

Do we need to use your suggested suppliers?

No you don't - you can source your alcohol completely independently (they are only suggestions)

How much alcohol
do we need?

This varies depending on the length of your serving time, your guests and what drinks you will be serving - we can go through all this with you and provide you with a suggested estimate.

Thinking about cocktails?

Be sure to mention this in your quote and we can include further information.

Can't find what you need?

Contact us here!

THS - Brand Mark CHARCOAL_edited_edited.png
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