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Don't be a stranger.

Grab a drink and let's get to know each other.

The Handsome Stranger

Here at the Stranger, we want you to have the incredible and super stylish event that you're envisioning, and most importantly we want you to be able to enjoy it with your people!  


In our younger years we had been at too many events where the hosts (or their family & friends) were so caught up in making sure everyone was having a great time, that they forgot to themselves - and to us this is a travisty!  That is why we converted our charming 1960s Globetrotter Caravan into a sleek full service bar, ready and willing to turn your occasion into an unforgettable event.


Where it Began

Born from a simple love for entertaining and making people laugh, we began the search for the perfect caravan.  For months we scoured properties in the south of WA and even on the east coast, meeting some very interesting characters, in some equally interesting backwater locations along the way. Until we finally came across our man.  


Perched on a property in south-west WA, tired and retired but with plenty of music left him, we first laid our eyes on a unique, yet ruggedly handsome van.  We went to straight to work repurposing him for his new life as a beer baron.  Now a fully equipped bar, the stranger is ready to make your event one for the ages.  

The Handsome Stranger

So now you know us, we'd love to know you.

THS - Brand Mark CHARCOAL.png
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